BUNACO SPEAKER designed by nendo

"BUNACO SPEAKER designed by nendo" is a speaker with a built-in amplifier that
connects the audio source from smartphones or PCs with the internally embedded
wireless communication function.

The convenient speakers enable anyone to listen to music with ease, and the its
innovative design makes it optimal for using in areas where people gather together,
such as living rooms, shops and restaurants.

BUNACO's original multi-level configuration and the beechwood material's sound
absorbing capabilities reduce echo sounds and showers clear sounds from the
upward unit throughout the entire room.

photo Akihiro Yoshida

Please enjoy the high-quality sounds and space woven together by BUNACOs
technology and nendofs design.

Item No. NE1861NA-P5

 Price: 1500   *Shipping Included
  1800  *Shipping Included

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